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No matter what type of exercise an injured person is doing, it's important to follow a plan and increase the amount and intensity of exercise only gradually.

Exercise Classes Appropriate for Everyone

Many people know they need to exercise for better health, increased flexibility, strength, pain and weight management, and mobility. They know they are at risk for falls, injuries, muscles strains, and a host of medical conditions. There are a few factors that are stopping them from correcting the situation. An obvious one is sheer laziness. Those individuals enjoy a sedentary and are not about to change.

Other Factors

While a cure for laziness has yet to be discovered, other factors can be successfully addressed. Some people simply have no clue how to begin an exercise program. They consider joining a fitness club, but realize the money would be wasted because classes and machines will be too strenuous. After a few visits, that will fall by the wayside. Those who are obese may be too self-conscious to move and sweat in front of other people.

Time is another factor. People convince themselves there is no way to fit regular exercise into their busy schedules. By the time they travel to a class, participate in the class, and travel home the whole evening will be gone. There will be no time to relax and unwind from the day.

Classes with Slow and Relaxing Movements

The time, attendance, and self-confidence issues can be addressed in one solution. Pilates classes are appropriate for everyone regardless of age, shape, size, a d fitness level. Safe and flowing exercises emphasis breathing, concentration, precision, and building core strength. It is low impact, improves posture, increases flexibility, and relieves back pain.

Other features include toning and slimming the body, becoming aware of the body/mind connection, and decreasing the risks of injury. Pilates also elevates the mood, calms the mind, and relieves stress. Everyone, from kids to seniors, beginners to athletes, pregnant women, and recovering couch potatoes can participate and benefit from this form of exercise.

A Variety of Options

Classes can be conducted on mats, reformer machines, or both. There are classes focused on stretching, some designed specifically for children, and classes for rehabilitation purposes. A full assessment is completed one-on-one with an instructor to decide on which class will best suit abilities and goals. People can take a class or two to determine if they like it. They can ask as many questions as they wish, and modify exercises to work for them.

Most classes are in groups, but private and semi-private options are offered as well. Pricing is affordable and there are 8 locations for convenience. Learn more at